We're two sides of the same mix tape... and we're ready to rock.

tara tulenchik
nate eggert
bhld design team

Who We Are

BHLD (pronounced “BEHOLD”) is an art and design studio started by Nate Eggert and Tara Tulenchik. The two have worked together on various projects for over a decade. In 2020 they decided to start working on what has now become BHLD.

nate and tara

We started our company as an art and design studio with a goal of making fun and creative things that we would buy. We also wanted to offer our talents to other people in need of art / design, and web development help.

The two of us have different but complementary styles and abilities. We welcome any challenge and together have the ability to create fun and memorable brands.

All of our work is a creation of our combined talents and vision. Our products represent our own styles and interests, while our services represent our combined abilities and focused craft. We can create an entire brand from logo design, printed materials and promotional products, to web design, development, and SEO.